All services at AP Networking are just $69 an hour.

We fix or upgrade computers for $69 an hour. We customize websites for $69 an hour. We build custom databases and provide application programming for...You guessed it, $69 an hour!
And if you want to pay less than that, we offer several plans that will save even more. Buy blocks of prepaid service time and get it as low as $49 an hour. Or sign up for a monthly service contract tailored to your needs and get rates as low as $45 an hour.

We make housecalls, and for much cheaper than the other guys. Many PC repair companies charge $125 to $180 an hour for the same services. Save up to 60% when you let AP Networking fix your computer.

Located in the Blaine/Circle Pines area, we make housecalls to the surrounding communities, including: Shoreview, Fridley, Spring Lake Park, Little Canada, Lino Lakes, Coon Rapids, and more. Give us a call if you're not sure. (If you're farther away, we'll still make house calls, but there may be a $25 travel charge.)

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"Everybody wins with AP Networking."