About Us...

In business since 2000, AP Networking has been helping residential and small business customers throughout the Twin Cities north metro area with all of their computer needs. We know that good technology service has become very expensive, so we saw a market for more affordable services and the response has been overwhelming.

To keep costs down, our technicians work from their homes or on site for our customers. AP Networking doesn't have a fancy office building that our customers would end up paying for.
We also keep a low advertising budget and rely heavily on word of mouth by our satisfied customers. By avoiding costly advertising fees, we are able to keep overhead down and charge our customers a more affordable rate.

By making computer services affordable for more people, we are increasing the lifespan of many computers and helping to reduce the number of old computers being recycled or discarded in landfills.

Our technicians will always strive to help our clients as quickly as possible and explain everything in the simplest terms for even the most non-technical customers. You won't be disappointed by AP Networking. Don't just take our word for it, click on the testimonials link to see what our customers say!

"We're your computer service."